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Oferta de una plaza para realizar el doctorado con beca FPI en la Universidad de Sevilla
Project: Computational prediction of damage initiation and propagation in composite and 3D-printed structural elements (Ref.: PID2021-123325OB-I00, funded by Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry)
Project Directors: Prof. Vladislav Mantič and Prof. Luis Távara (+34 954487299; Centre: School of Engineering, University of Seville (US)
Research Group: Group of Elasticity and Strength of Materials (GESM), Department of Continuum 
Address: Camino de los Descubrimientos s/n, Sevilla 41092, Spain
Applications - Documents: CV, student record, two recommendation letters
Expected date: December 2022
Applicants: should  hold  a  university  degree  in  Aeronautical,  Mechanical  or  Civil  
Engineering,  Applied  or  Numerical Mathematics, Physics or related fields. Should fulfil 
requirements for admittance in a PhD programme at University of Seville in summer 2023.
Scholarship:  4  years,  approx.  16640  eur/year  (first  2  years),  17830  eur/year  (third  
year),  22290  eur/year  (fourth  year), possibilities of research stays in another research 
centres and participation at conferences
Thesis Topic: The research goal is to develop a computational tool based on the minimization of 
total energy subjected to a stress condition and show its performance for prediction of fracture 
onset and propagation in various relevant structural elements  including  composite  and  
3D-printed  materials.  The  aim  is  to  develop  a  computational  toolbox  for  ABAQUS FEM  
code,  by  taking  advantage  of  the  experience  accumulated  in  the  development  and  testing  
of  a  similar  toolbox developed  by  the  research  team  for  a  specific  problem  of  fracture 
 initiation  and  propagation  in  Winkler’s  (spring) interfaces under quasistatic loads.
It is expected that results of the PhD Thesis will contribute to the development of new failure 
criteria for composites and 3D-printed parts, allowing a non conservative design of structural 
elements to be carried out, which is one of the main challenges of the aerospace industry at 
Skills Required: PhD student will perform numerical studies of crack initiation and propagation, 
thus good mathematical and/or programming skills, and basic knowledge of solid mechanics, 
especially theory of elasticity, are required.
Interested parties please contact the project directors.
Publicada el 16/11/2022

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