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R S J Corran        

Anales de la Mecánica de la Fractura, nº 16 . 1999 . Pág. 1 -7
Ver (.pdf): Anales16-001

Resumen: The aero-gas turbine engine is subjected to a variety of loadings, both mechanical and thermal. While each flight in a civil operation is very similar to every other flight, the combination of loadings introduces complexity even for simple parts such as discs. This paper reviews the cycles which have to be assessed for a number of engine parts showing the different considerations which arise. From this it can be seen that the most critica! applications, for which sorne validation testing is commonly performed, involve conventional fatigue lifing but with temperature excursions in the core of the engine but as the interface with the airframe is approached the temperature is less important but the fatigue cycle gets significantly more complicated. Damage tolerant approaches to structural integrity introduce fracture mechanics considerations, largely concerned with the growth of cracks rather than the fracture condition.

LocalizaciónTorremolinos, Málaga

Company Specialist, Lifing Methods & Criteria. Rolls-Royce plc. PO Box 31, Derby DE 24 8BJ, U K

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