C. Maura Branco        

Anales de la Mecánica de la Fractura, nº 9 . 1992 . Pág. 337 -341
Ver (.pdf): Anales09-059

Resumen: In the mili tary aircraft field the retirernent for cause approach (RFC) is now used to assess the fatigue behaviour of critical components of gas turbine engines. These critical components include turbine and compressor disks. The paper describes the application of the RFC approach in cri tic al engine components of a turbofan engine. Resul ts of fatigue life predictions are presented. Fatigue crack growth data obtained in laboratory specimens taken from the actual cornponents was used in the analysis. Typical mission profiles of the engines were introduced in the fatigue life program. For each critical component inspection curves were obtained for different mission profiles and counting rnethods. The results have shown that the rainflow rnethod gave slights pessirnistic results for crack growth prediction from an initial flaw

LocalizaciónAiguablava, Gerona

CEMUL, Lisbon University of Technology, 1096 Lisbon Codex, Portugal