DYNAMIC IMPACT TESTING Servohydraulic High Rate Testing Machines

Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Bardenheier  Graham Rogers       

Anales de la Mecánica de la Fractura, nº 21 . 2004 . Pág. -
Ver (.pdf): 2-07

Resumen: Currently dynamic impact testing is facing a strong demand, mainly caused by special requests from the automotive industry, it is not the only industry interested in dynamic data, but it is the driving force behind the presently seen developments. Time to develop a new car and to bring it to the market is continuously reduced. Less time is available for experimentally proof-testing of all parts and components. More and more development steps will be done by numerical simulations. This requires models and/or constitutive laws to describe complex interactions between materials, structures and loads, but all of these numerical descriptions are at the end in need of an adaptation to the real world of the materials used. Experimental tests under well defined conditions must be conducted to satisfy those needs. If cars - or structures in general - are to be designed according to crashworthiness, the mechanical properties of materials under impact conditions must be known. Relations between mechanical properties and strain rate are not linear and extrapolations of the known static behaviour to impact conditions is risky, not to say dangerous. This is especially valid for the automotive industry, where new materials - like composites or light weight materials - are used, whose impact behaviour is totally unknown. In close cooperation with experts from various industries and research institutes Instron has developed throughout the past years a new family of servohydraulic testing machines specifically designed to cope with the dynamics of a high rate test. The presentation will show the main development efforts and reflect these versus their experimental necessities. Typical test results will be shown and discussed.

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INSTRON Ltd. Servohydraulic Business Team. High Wycombe, UK. Coronation Road
INSTRON Ltd. Servohydraulic Business Team. High Wycombe, UK. Coronation Road