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Enhancing the exploitation and efficiency of fibre reinforced composite structures by improvement of interlaminar fracture toughness

Gary Savage        

Anales de la Mecánica de la Fractura, nº 21 . 2004 . Pág. -
Ver (.pdf): 7-14

Resumen: Fibre reinforced composite materials are used extensively in stiffness critical, weight sensitive structures such as those found in aerospace and motor racing. They are characterized by high in-plane strength, stiffness and toughness and low density. The most widely used family of these materials is essentially two dimensional, characterized by relatively poor out of plane properties. As a consequence of low interlaminar toughness in particular, many possible applications are precluded and others severely compromised in performance per unit weight efficiency. Formula 1 racing represents the most advanced exploitation of composite materials both in terms of the percentage usage and complexity of application (1). In order to develop their products leading F1 teams work very closely with the major raw materials suppliers to expand the horizons of composites usage. The problems of interlaminar performance are discussed along with the techniques used to measure them and the fracture mechanics principles applied to improve them. A number of Formula 1 applications and developments are used to illustrate the effectiveness of the improved understanding of the interlaminar fracture behaviour of composites.

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BAR Formula 1 Racing Team Operations Centre, Brackley, Northants NN13 7BD, United Kingdom

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