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R. Bardenheier  G. Rogers       

Anales de la Mecánica de la Fractura, nº 22 . 2005 . Pág. -
Ver (.pdf): 24

Resumen: In order to save energy and to reach a high economical efficiency, it is the permanent endeavour of engineers to minimise the mass of components and structures and to extend its lifetime. The utilisation of this design concept requires an appropriate understanding of the materials behaviour under the given service conditions. This is not always a simple exercise, especially if the mechanical and thermal loadings are involved simultaneously. Non-isothermal conditions, as these are to be found in turbine components, rocket engines, but also in high-speed machining tools make the understanding even more complex. It must be considered additionally that in real-world applications, the majority of engineering components experience stresses that are multiaxial in nature. Conventional design practices and structural analysis methods use uniaxial test data and equivalence concepts in an attempt to account for these multiaxial stresses in component designs. For reliable and safe operation of turbines, engines and machining tools as well, it is imperative that the deformation behaviour and fatigue life of critical parts can be estimated through the use of the most pertinent constitutive and life time prediction models and experimental data. Two different types of experimental techniques to perform non-isothermal, uniaxial and biaxial fatigue tests will be described.


INSTRON Ltd., Servohydraulic Business Team
INSTRON Ltd., Servohydraulic Business Team

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