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Anales de la Mecánica de la Fractura, nº 19 . 2002 . Pág. 159 -164
Ver (.pdf): Anales19-024

Resumen: The first step in 'engineering' a plastic should be to establish an understanding of the applicable 'end-use' conditions. 'End-use' refers to the performance of the finished product or component and not to the basic resin pellet. In particular, among the destructive mechanical characterizations of plastic products, the response of the component to impact conditions is just one of the several considerations for the product application engineer and the ability to determine material behaviour under impact loading is essential for the design and manufacture of many products. The present paper wants to present a new software programme which further qualifies instrumented impact tests on plastics. This software programme can be considered as a first tool for the evaluation of data that can be used for design application. It is based upon a testing procedure for the characterization of impact properties of plastics at moderately high loading conditions (impact speed of 1 m/sec) developed by ESIS ('European Structural Integrity Society') TC4 (Technical Committee 4 'Polymers, Adhesives and Composites'). It allows the determination, according to Linear Elastics Fracture Mechanics theory, of the material toughness in terms of the critica! stress intensity factor Kl< and energy release rate Gc at fracture initiation.


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